Charmed Kubeflow 1.8

Release date: Nov 22nd, 2023

What’s new:

  • Support for Kubernetes 1.25 until 1.29
  • Support for juju 3.1
  • kfp-operators now point at version 2.0.3 of pipelines, previously it was 2.0.0-alpha.7 #379
  • kfp-metadata-writer charm has been added to the kfp-operators offerings #350
  • kfp-operators and katib-operators are now integrated with mysql-k8s charm #205 and #72
  • kserve-controller defaults to Serverless deployment mode for integrating with the kserve-operators to provide serverless Inference Services #178
  • kubeflow-dashboard has a customizable sidebar, users can now integrate new menu links in the sidebar #130
  • The pvcviewer-operator charm enable users to open a filebrowser on arbitrary persistent volume claims, letting them inspect, download, upload and manipulate data.
  • The newer bundle deploys envoy and mlmd as dependencies of the new pipelines backend.
  • jupyter-operators now offer a way to dynamically to enable users to set their desired images in each Notebook type: Jupyter, Rstudio, and VSCode #259

For a list of all the new workload versions in our charms as well as the supported versions of dependencies and infrastructure, please refer to #643

Bug fixes:

  • latest/edge charm stuck in maintenance with Workload failed health check #110
  • RBAC: access denied on connecting to a notebook - 1.8 pre-release #309
  • istio-pilot fails to process ingress-relation-broken event during charm remove #189
  • kfp-api error on relational-db-relation-broken #222
  • istio-pilot cannot be removed by juju remove-application #292


  • istio-pilot integration with the tls-certificates interface for TLS termination. This also allows users to use certificates provider charms to secure the connection (see #338
  • argo-controller now uses the emissary executor by default #122
  • dex-auth has a newer charm configuration for disabling static password #153
  • jupyter-ui backend mode change to ‘production’ #271


  • argo-server has been removed from the bundle definition
  • mindspore image from Notebooks UI #293

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