Kubeflow Dashboard

Applies to Kubeflow 1.8 and above.

The Kubeflow Dashboard provides easy access to all of Kubeflow’s components. This dashboard can be customised to add or remove Kubeflow tools or link to your own content.

The Kubeflow Dashboard has four categories of links:

menu and quick links always point to links inside Kubeflow (specifically, inside the Kubeflow ingress Gateway). They are specified as links relative to the Kubeflow Gateway, for example /volumes for the Kubeflow Volumes page. These links will open inside the Kubeflow Dashboard UI (the left and top menu bars will remain). Typically, both menu and quick links point to pieces of kubeflow, where by convention menu links point to high level components (Volumes, Notebooks) and quick links point to something specific (a particular Kubeflow Pipelines experiment). Both links could, however, point to anything hosted on the same Gateway, such as a custom tool integrated into your Kubeflow deployment.

external and documentation links always point to links outside Kubeflow, such as https://charmed-kubeflow.io. These links open in a separate tab, not in the Kubeflow Dashboard UI. By convention, external links generally point to high level components (ex: your own container registry), whereas documentation links point to documentation.

Out of the box, Charmed Kubeflow’s Dashboard includes links to the core Kubeflow applications. Links can be added and reordered to customize the experience.

Last updated 3 months ago.