How to customise your Kubeflow deployment

The purpose behind Kubeflow has been to gather together useful tools for AI/ML into a cohesive collection which makes it easier for users to focus on the work they actually want to do rather than configuring and deploying applications.

But not everybody’s needs are the same, and one of the benefits of deploying Charmed Kubeflow is that it is straightforward to mix and match the components of Kubeflow you actually need.

This approach starts with the different Kubeflow bundles at install time, but there is no need to stick with what you initially installed

Once you have familiarised yourself with all that Kubeflow can offer, you can quickly add any application inside Kubeflow to your current bundle.

You could, for example, start with the Kubeflow lite bundle and add Katib, the hyperparameter tuning piece of Kubeflow, later on. To do this you just need to run these commands:

juju deploy katib-controller
juju deploy katib-db-manager
juju deploy katib-db
juju deploy katib-ui

You should also integrate applications that have been deployed with these commands:

juju add-relation katib-db-manager katib-db
juju add-relation istio-pilot katib-ui

Even the full bundle can be extended with any of the many Kubeflow applications.

Last updated 5 days ago.